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Awsum snacks quinoa puffs baby snack 7+ months

Awsum snacks quinoa puffs baby snack 7+ months

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About this product

Awsum Snacks is going beyond traditional baby and kid’s food to provide melt-in-your-mouth delicious Superfood Puffs that can be a lifesaver for those with food allergies and FPIES. Its high fiber content is much higher than most grains, making it a great snack for infants and kids. It also features minimal-ingredient, allergen-free (free of all dairy & soy, as well as other allergens). Made with only simple quality ingredients, these snacks are certified Organic, Kosher, non-GMO, gluten-free, and have no added sugars, or sweeteners. Only natural ingredients are used, resulting in a mild flavor profile. These snacks are crafted with love, featuring recipes perfectly suited to your child. Moreover, these Essential Quinoa Puffs offer numerous benefits such as support for metabolic health, and the immune system, and are rich in antioxidants. They provide the perfect snack for your little one! 

AGE : 7+ months 

size bag: 1.5 oz (43g)


pick from 4 different flavors for your child or choose to buy all 4 flavors.

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